COURSES OF SLOVAK for foreigners 

(September – December 2023)

Would you like to learn Slovak? Come and join us for one of our interactive courses of Slovak!

We will teach you useful vocabulary and learning techniques, how to make a conversation, grammar in a simple manner and much more.

GENERAL SLOVAK / public courses / trimester 

»  When:  25. 9. – 18.12.2023  /  26.9. – 14.12.2023  (2x 90min./pw – 12 weeks)

»  Where:  Konventná č. 9 – Old Town
»  Price (options with a discount):

Monday and Wednesday course:

Price with our summer discount (registrations by 18.9.2023):  185 EUR

Price without summer discount (registrations after 18.9.2023):  235 EUR*

Tuesday and Thursday course:

Price with our summer discount (registrations by 19.9.2023):  185 EUR

Price without summer discount (registrations after 19.9.2023):  235 EUR*

(* If you wish to continue with us after your first course, you pay only the discounted price as our loyalty benefit.)

»  As always with us:  only small groups (max. 6 students)

»  Teacher:  qualified and experienced teacher

Please choose days & time of your course:

Monday Wednesday :

WhenMORNING course EVENING course
25. 9. – 18.12.2023

(except Bank Holiday: 1.11.2023)

10:00 – 11:30


17:30 – 19:00in

(in person)

Tuesday & Thursday:

WhenMORNING course EVENING course
26.9. – 14.12.202310:00 – 11:30


 17:30 – 19:00

(in person)

AVAILABLE LANGUAGE LEVELS of General Slovak courses:

  • Complete beginners – A1
  • A2
  • B1
  • B2
  • C1


We are delighted to say that we have been opening private group courses for several years now – they are very popular especially among colleagues or friends who like to stick together even during studies:)

Therefore, we have added our popular summer monthly options also throughout the year, so now even a monthly course can be open for you at any time during the year – based on your requirements regarding days and times and our current availability, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and ask!

MONTHLY options (4 weeks):

»  Intensity:  1 day/pw (3 hours) / 2 days/pw (2x 90min.) / 3 days/pw (3x 90min.) / every day

»  Price per a month:  from 81 Eur

»  Min. number of students:  4

»  Types of lessons:  General Slovak / Conversations / Theme lessons*

(* Please view Individual lessons for detailed information on our available theme lessons.)

»  Teacher:  experienced and qualified teacher

For a concrete type of course or current available options please contact us via email: for further details.



(GENERAL SLOVAK / public courses / trimester)

»  When:  26.9. – 12.12.2023 / 28.9. – 14.12.2023  (1x 90min./pw – 12 weeks)

»  Where:  Konventná č. 9 – Old Town
»  Price (options with a discount):

Price with our summer discount (registrations by 20.9.202):  127 Eur

Price without summer discount (registrations after 20.9.202):  147 Eur

»  As always with us: only small groups (max. 6 students)

»  Type of tuition:  in person / online (please state your preference)

»  Teacher:  qualified and experienced teacher

Level:  A2 – B1  
WhenEVENING course
  26.9. – 12.12.2023 (Tuesdays)   17:30 – 19:00

(in person/online)

Level:  B1 – B2  
WhenEVENING course
  28.9. – 14.12.2023 (Thursdays)   17:30 – 19:00

(in person/online)


COVID-19:  For health and safety reasons, we have temporarily stopped providing our regular refreshments and shared stationery. We clean all frequently touched surfaces for you on a regular basis and a hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the building as well as in your classroom.

REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register for our courses directly on our website or by sending us an email.

PLACEMENT TESTING: If you are not sure about your current level of the language that you would like to study with us, no problem, we will be happy to test you.
Within a free of charge consultation, we will then also recommend the most effective way of achieving your goal within the specified language, if interested.

STUDY MATERIALS: We are happy to recommend the most appropriate type of coursebook for you to buy but are also happy to adjust if you have a book that you would like to continue studying from. Any further materials which are used by the teacher additionally, when teaching specific parts of the language, are then provided free of charge.