(July 2019)

Dear all, for those of you who would like to start learning Slovak but have not had enough time yet to start, we prepared intensive summer courses!

You are welcome to join us and choose your course:

GENERAL SLOVAK  (A1 – Beginners)

WhenMORNING courseEVENING course
2.7 – 25.7.2019  (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thurdays)17:30 – 19:00 (90min.)
1.7 – 29.7.2019 (Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)

– except for 5.7 (Bank Holiday)

9:30 – 11:30 (90min.)

» Max.number of students: 6
» Price: 115 EUR
» Teacher: experienced & qualified Slovak teachers

THE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COURSES is that once you start studying with us and there is remaining a sufficient number of people in your group, you are welcome to continue studying with your group privately for as long as you wish or up to the level you wish.


REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register for our individual classes directly on our website or by sending us an email.

PLACEMENT TESTING: If you are not sure about your current level of the language that you would like to study with us, no problem, we will be happy to test you.
Within a free of charge consultation, we will then also recommend the most effective way of achieving your goal within the specified language, if interested.

STUDY MATERIALS: We are happy to recommend the most appropriate type of coursebook for you to buy but are also happy to adjust if you have a book that you would like to continue studying from. Any further materials which are used by the teacher additionally, when teaching specific parts of the language, are then provided free of charge.