We are happy to offer tailor made Slovak language lessons, fully adapted to the individual needs of our students as well as their availability.

The lessons are given by Slovak native teachers who speak fluent English.

We teach in English where necessary and helpful.

What we focus on in our teaching philosophy primarily:

» developing your speaking skills in a natural, gradual manner

» clear, comprehensible use of grammar rules

» complex vocabulary (spoken vs formal)

» accurate pronunciation and correct spelling

» avoiding common mistakes


OUR THEME LESSONS according to your choice:

Preparation for a certificate

Overview of Slovak Grammar

Spoken vs Formal Slovak

Writing in Slovak (emails, forms, documents)



Preparation for a job interview

Slovak for work

Business Slovak


For prices and available packs with discounts of our Specialised Theme Lessons:

Please contact us via email: for further details.


General Slovak / Conversations in General Slovak / our Theme Lessons (excl. specialised)

* 1:1 (1 student & teacher) – in our premises / online:  60min. = 25€



* 2:1 (2 students & teacher) – in our premises / online:

60min. = 19EUR / price per 1 student

90min. = 27EUR / price per 1 student  (then 60min. = 18EUR)



* 3:1 (3 students & teacher) – in our premises / online:

60min. = 15EUR / price per 1 student

90min. = 21EUR / price per 1 student  (then 60min. = 14EUR)


CREATE YOUR OWN PACK of individual lessons! Make your OWN CHOICE:

  • CHOOSE the type of your classes – the days and times – the length of your course
  • SAVE your class and money if you cannot attend a class
  • ENJOY the full focus solely on your needs and interests


In addition, our individual students also gain the following benefits with us:

»  refreshments 

»  discount card for purchase at Oxford Bookshop in Bratislava

»  monitoring quality (our teachers attend regular supervisions at our Language Studio)

»  individually tailored study programme – in consideration of the student’s preferences, personality and learning needs

»  personal attention with regular feedback and consultations


COVID-19:  For health and safety reasons, we have temporarily stopped providing our regular refreshments and shared stationery. We clean all frequently touched surfaces for you on a regular basis and a hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the building as well as in your classroom.

REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register for our individual classes directly on our website (KONTAKT) or by sending us an email at:

PLACEMENT TESTING: If you are not sure about your current level of the language that you would like to study with us, we are happy to test you and within our free of charge consultation we also then recommend the most effective way of achieving your goal.

STUDY MATERIALS: We are happy to recommend the most appropriate type of coursebook for you to buy but are also happy to adjust if you have a book that you would like to continue studying from. Any further materials which are used by the teacher additionally, when teaching specific parts of the language, are then provided free of charge.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  In case you need to cancel your lesson due to personal or work reasons, please do inform us at least 24 hours beforehand – if you keep this notice, we will not charge you any cancellation fee and you will be able to rearrange a substitute lesson with the teacher.

If you are unable to do so or in case you fail to inform us, we will unfortunately have to charge you for this lesson as if the lesson was taught.