Specialised workshops in English / 3.semester (September – December 2018)

English legal writing  (3 hours)

*workshop facilitated by an English lawyer

  • Part 1:  40€  (Our students: 32€)
  • Part 2:  40€  (Our students: 32€)

Does your legal work or study involve writing in English? Would you like to make your writing more effective and more natural? At our interactive workshop we can help you:

In part 1, we will look at making your writing more effective, natural English,  formality and correct expressions, making your writing clear and accurate and rules for drafting contracts in English.

In part 2, we will go on to further practice of writing skills, looking at different types of writing, for example the differences between writing to a client and to an opponent. We will also look at drafting other types of legal documents including non-competition agreements and writing reports.


BOTH PARTS ARE INDEPENDENT FROM EACH OTHER, so you can decide only for the one which interests you most:

» When:  Part 1:  29 September (Saturday) – from 9:00 am to 12 noon

                 Part 2:  24 November (Saturday) – from 9:00 am to 12 noon

» Where: Konventná 9 – Old Town

» Recommended level of English: Upper-Intermediate (B2) & above

» Teacher: Philip Brooks

Effective communication in Business English (3 hours)

  • Part 1:  30 EUR  (Our students: 24€)
  • Part 2:  30 EUR  (Our students: 24€)

Are you looking for a way of improving your communication skills in Business English but haven’t got time for attending a course?

In that case we would like to invite you to our workshops which will help you develop the skills you need to communicate more effectively in today’s business world.

Part 1 will deal with speaking skills, improving your performance in meetings and presentations, and business travel.

Part 2 will deal with writing skills, making your correspondence more natural, clearer and more accurate, writing reports, writing to customers, internal memos and emails, and communicating effectively.

So you have the opportunity to select only that part which interests you/you need for your work. Or join us for both workshops to improve both your speaking and writing.


BOTH PARTS ARE INDEPENDENT FROM EACH OTHER, so you can decide only for the one which interests you most:

» When:  Part 1:  20 October (Saturday) – from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

                 Part 2:  8 December (Saturday) – from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon

» Where: Konventná 9 – Old Town

» Recommended level of English: Intermediate (B1) & above

» Teacher: native speaker with experience in the field of business

English for football and other sports (2 hours)

20€  (Our students: 16€)

Are you a sports fan, a sports player or coach, a sports journalist or would you just like to know more about English sports vocabulary and expressions?

Have you ever wondered why a football player “takes an early bath” or why a cricket match can last five days?

Join our workshop to find the answers to these and lots of other questions!


» When:  9 November (Friday) – from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

» Where: Konventná 9 – Old Town

» Recommended level of English:  Intermediate (B1) & above

» Teacher: native speaker

English in the movies (2 hours)

20€  (Our students: 16€)

Are you a fan of British and American movies? Do you like thrillers or maybe you prefer romantic comedies? Whatever genres you like, there will be something for you in our new interactive workshop.

We will look at memorable moments in the movies with a selection of video clips including those of your own choice.

We’ll look at:

  • the features of language of the movies
  • the differences between American and British English
  • the differences between slang versus formal English

All this in our fun and relaxing Friday evening workshop!


» When:  30 November (Friday) – from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

» Where: Konventná 9 – Old Town

» Recommended level of English: Intermediate (B1) & above

» Teacher: native speaker

English for interviews (5 hours)

35€  (Our students: 28€)

Are you looking for a new career? Would you like to improve your interview skills and performance?

At our interactive workshop we’ll prepare you – we will look at formal English, common mistakes in written/verbal presentation, demonstrating your skills in English, practising a real interview and also psychological aspect of interviews.


» When:  every FIRST SATURDAY in the month

(1st workshop will take place on 6 October 2018)

                 – from 9:00am to 2:00pm

» Where: Konventná 9 – Old Town

» Recommended level of English: Upper-Intermediate (B2) & above

» Teacher: Brigit Valušiaková


REGISTRATION: You are welcome to register for any of our workshops directly on our website (BOOK ONLINE) or by sending us an email.

We open workshops even in very small groups.

PLACEMENT TESTING: If you would like to join one of our workshops but are not actually sure about your current level of English, no problem, we will be happy to test you. Just drop us an email please and we will arrange a meeting with you, not only to test your speaking and written skills but also to provide you with advice and recommendations in regard to developing your language skills further.

STUDY MATERIALS: Any materials needed for the workshops are already included in the price of the workshop.